Correen Demers is a photographer and personal trainer based out of Somerville, MA
Driven by my passion, I want to show the world the beauty I see through my lens.  I love to use light in the most creative ways to capture and bring out the most stunning aspects of a moment.  Using creativity, light, and a calm presence, I strive to bring the most candid and natural shots possible.  Capturing people and animals in their most natural state and capturing moments to preserve memories for people is what drives me.
I have a background in social work and crisis management, fitness and child-care but my passion for photography allows me a creative outlet.  My experiences lead me to pay attention to the smallest details in order to capture essence of the moment without distractions.  I am easy going and am able to direct clients with ease keeping everything relaxed which leads to better photos.  I especially love boudoir photography and helping women to see and value the beauty and sensuality in their own self and body.   I also especially love candid photography as it allows me to capture subjects in their most natural states.  It is this natural state that creates attraction between individuals and allows for the most emotional of photographs.

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